Thursday 23 April 2009

The Classic/Modern Library

I love the library, and love books…wouldn’t it be great to have your own two level library with a warm fire, views to the ocean, and upper deck with overlook? Imagine the bedroom upstairs connecting to the upper mezzanine.

I’ve included a royal blue velvet sofa with nail head trim, a marble fireplace, tub chairs in a great yellow print, and red lined linen drapes. The pot lights are hidden in recessed bars, and there are lots of other lighting options for reading and relaxing.

I will show you the overlook next, and I’d love to see what the space would look like with mid-century modern furniture in more muted tones. Colour just renders so much better than browns. 

What’s your personal style…classic or mid century modern? Or other?

modern library_MMD_09

modern library_MMD_sofa_09                                   modern library_MMD_chandelier_09

Chandelier: Jamie Hayon- Josephine 9.6.3

Fabric on tub chairs: Kelly Wearstler- Imperial Trellis

Furniture, Interior Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan Design


Brillante Interiors said...

Books and books, a fireplace, a velvet sofa, a view to look at while pausing to reflect.
What a perfect time rendered so well.

Pretty Lovely said...

Every time I see you renderings I get so excited - your hand/technique is incredible.

Anyway, my personal style is relaxed and feminine. I also like the look of a mismatched yet cohesive room.


Sam @PrettyLovely

DesignTies said...

I want that blue sofa!!! Great renderings, as usual :-)

Did you see HGTV's Top 10 a few weeks ago, when they featured the top 10 libraries?? There were some really amazing ones, including Brian Gluckstein's 2-storey wood-paneled library. It was fabulous!!

I don't know if my style has a name. I like a mix of contemporary and traditional with some craftsman and a touch of Hollywood glam. No idea what you would call that -- Confused?! ;-)


Michelle said...

I did see that Kelly...and I think it inspired me to think library :)

Unknown said...

Great rendering Michelle!! I love the classic furniture you have shown here. I would love to visiit this home and read a book in front of the fireplace looking at the ocean. It has it all.

Beaman the Interiors Chap said...

I pretty much love that style you have portrayed in the drawings. A room filled from floor to ceiling is a dream room for me.

Beaman the Interiors Chap said...

with books, I should have included in my last sentence. Terribly sorry, not quite awake from my nap.

qerat said...

I can never have enough books
With a room this beautiful I dont care anymore what the style is, I would just want to be in it.
GREAT rendering Michelle

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Hi Michelle!

I love your renderings! You are so talented!!!!
Take Care!
Zuniga Interiors

Maria Killam said...

Wow, I think that is the best rendering you've done yet. You are so good. I give it up for you Michelle.


Yum! Yum! What a great concept - love the fabric choices and well you can't never go wrong with some Jaime Hayon pieces.

Lauren said...

beautiful!! i always want to go to your renderings!!

I'd say my personal style is kind of a light & airy, natural eclectic?? haha that sounds so concise! ;)