Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Dream French Vacation

My dream vacation for this year is Eze, on the French Riviera. It's closest city in France is Nice, and it's neighbour is Monaco.

Paris is beautiful, but this year I want to take a train out of Paris, and into the countryside.

Rick Steve's Europe inspired this trip a few years back, and I have been thinking of it ever since.

Let's see what happens with the economy :)

Eze, on the French Riviera
Chateau Eze

Old, narrow stone streets...I've always wanted to meander through a village like this!

Le Jardin...a garden in the hills of the French Riviera...what's better than that for the afternoon?

I would stay here, in a Deluxe Room at Chateau Eze

Deluxe Room sitting area

The Bedrooms in the Suites are pretty nice too!

The view from a Suite Balcony...OMG!


Maria Killam said...

I went to Provence 2 years ago and it was just like this, I walked into a little lingerie store off a little meandering sidewalk like the one you've shown and bought my favourite lejaby bra. It seemed so strange that the village was so old and inside I could just snap up the most current latest thing.

Beautiful images you've shown!
Merry Christmas Michele

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I have been to the French Riviera a few times but never to this town. I love Nice, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez, but they have gotten [pretty seedy over the past few years (especially Nice) Next trip I will have to check out some new spots. Thaks for the virtual tour!
Happy Holidays

Michelle said...

MMmm...you both make me think I want to save my pennies this year! I almost feel I have not visited France, even know I have been to Paris a few times.



Very cool spot - The pictures are great :)

qerat said...

You made me hate what I am doing this minute and want to jump into the pictures :)
It is COLD here today and these pictures just help pick you up and transport you to a beautiful place. And it is something about old narrow streets that make me feel so good.

Michelle said...

I think a blogger vacation in Eze is in order. How about October? LOL.

qerat said...

October is COLD I refuse to travel to such a place in clod weather. It has to be hot humid and sticky LOL