Tuesday, 23 December 2008

..."I Feel a Never-ending New"...

Like my sidebar profile has read for a while now, I am gushing with pride over my two sons, 21 and almost 19. They are both very talented musicians, photographers, film makers, and graphic designers in their own right.

Since the advance of recording with interfaces, microphones and computers, you can have a recording studio in your own home. Every Christmas for a while now, there has been the request from Santa for some very specific box of electronics of some sort, new steel guitar, bass amp, studio mics...well you get the idea. I yearn for those days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the price of them.

When I listen to these recordings from last year, songs that they wrote, recorded, and played all of the instuments on, I am so thankfull for those years of school band, schleping equipment, late night trips and workshops.

These are two songs by my son Evan Mattheisen from Kubla Khan 1, their recording label, and first album. Or; go here to their my space page to hear more songs by all the "kids" on the label, including my oldest, Jes Mattheisen, who is also a very talented photographer.

Yes, I am proud.



You have raised amazing kids - you have the right to be proud. You are cool and hip mamma :)

Michelle said...

So sweet Ivan, I am partial, but kids do that to you.