Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas 2008

Some Christmas wrapping before it all got squished on the snowy trip to Ucluelet. The kids were with their dad, as we alternate years.

Christmas morning before my husband got out of bed...a quiet morning coffee, and a warm fire.

I made my own gift tags from old fabric book inserts (showing fabric repeat).

This year our gift bags were re-usable as lunch bags later. Inside were Belgian chocolates from Santa's travels.

Looks like a hairbrush would have been in order, LOL, but Santa was listening...he took a trip to the blue box store with shinny stuff and to Hudson's Bay in his sleigh! I'm so glad he reads my blog!

I am a sucker for Christmas music; old and new. The Starbucks compilations are really good, and I have collected a few over the years...their "Ornamental Holiday" has David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing "Little Dummer Boy"'s from a TV special a few years back, and for me is so nostalgic. The green covered "A Very Special Christmas" is still my all time favorite all time Christmas CD.

We had over 18 inches of snow in my neighbourhood...more in North Van. ...all right before and during Christmas! You notice there are no tire tracks out of my driveway on the left.

Pictures of Ucluelet Christmas, and my sister's new puppy to come.



Dear Michelle,

I just want to wish you the very best for 2009. It has been so much fun following your blog - thanks for sharing your talent, and your life and over all I have to thank you very much for all your messages and your support; and if you come to Victoria my word is there - I will take care of you :) Your favourite blogger groupie. Iván

qerat said...

Merry christmas Michelle and happy that santa is a good listener and a good blog reader :)
Hope 09 will give you all the good you wish for.

Maria Killam said...

Happy New Year Michelle! I just love your sense of humour. . . I look forward to getting to know you better in 2009!
See you tonight if I make it through the snow (it's snowing here AGAIN, still we have about 5 inches)

Unknown said...

I love your new Hudsons Bay Blanket. They are such classics. I grew up with the red version and it still brings back fond memories. We used to take it with us to the beach and picnics. I am sure that your will chalk up the memories over the years also.

Wise Space said...


It was fun meeting you and experiencing your fun and wit in person. Your blog is so rich.
My very best wishes for 2009!