Wednesday, 3 December 2008

...visions of sugarplums...

Well, it's decorating week. It's a crazy month around our house; my husband's birthday is Christmas Day, and the kid's birthdays are in December, and the first week of January.

I'm also hosting the family dinner here on Boxing Day, since the boys are with their dad's family on the island for Christmas this year. Here is a peek of what I've been doing... more to come yet...

The Holidays at my house are all about the bar and the favorite is champagne and Chambord...with salmon skewers and goats cheese appy's. It's a bit about over-indulgence around here at Christmas.

My husband made this wood log candle holder when he was 8 years old, and it sat on his grandfather's mantle in Anacortes for all of their lives. When he passed away, we brought it home, and it sits on our mantle every Christmas. The candles are from Restoration Hardware, and the little raindeer are from Canadian Tire...yes, love these little guys, and I can change my look next year for the price.

My mom brought me back this nativity scene from Mexico over 10 years ago, and I love it. They remind me of Finnish and Dutch patterns, and are cheerful.

The twig tree from Canadian Tire is perfect for displaying the cut chandelier pieces from the Paris flea market. I thought I would put them on the main tree, but need to get some more on my next trip to make any impact. I love the way the light bounces around them, especially the faceted ones.

I have collected Santas for a few years...

Some of my tree tree stays pretty much the same every garland, no tinsel, just a growing collection of sentimental ornaments. This year I didn't get a fresh tree. I have a new car, so I didn't want to clean up the needles for months to come, and I have a heat vent in the only spot I have for a tree, so I went artificial, slim and tapered.

I like the look, but you really have to spend upwards of 500 dollars for a good artificial tree. I like the fact that it is pre-lit though! I always dreaded that part. Since I have boys, I have been the sole decorator in my house. They would put a couple of ornaments on the tree, and then wanted to play in boxes, so it's nice to get the part done quickly, and get on to the decorating. Nowadays they come in the room, give their critique, and eat the candy, and be on their way.

I just love these two in multicoloured glass...they remind me of the sixties, and my mom's tree decorations...the indented ones are the the best.

Others that are very special are the snowman frame with a picture of my sister and my first baby within an hour of his birth...he's now 21. Gheesshh.
Crocheted skates with paperclips as the blades...these are from my Nana Tyne in Cape Breton; she also made me mittens, boots, icicles...all crocheted.
The little paper stars are Danish and from the mother of my first husband, Sigrid. I found others at IKEA, but they were much larger. I cherish these little ones. She has great taste.

We made little pipe cleaner ornaments a long time ago, when the kids were little; I'll never get rid of these things...and love the memories they provoke.

The fun continues today...Happy Holidays to you!


qerat said...

Beautiful decorations.
I felt happy just reading your post. I am sure will have a great time.
Happy Christmas, may the holidays be filled with Laughter love and happiness

pve design said...

I am delighted to have stopped over here for a lot of holiday cheer! What wonderful little things everywhere to look and feel the spirit of the season. May you have a happy and healthy one!



We got the same white reindeer - They are so retro - I love them, for a reason they remind me my childhood.

annechovie said...

Your home is looking beautiful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Hope you will come back often! Happy Holidays and keep up the great work!

Michelle said...

You to Tereq, I hope with all the excitement, you have a chance to spend time with family and friends. I saw your stool on Patricia's's worth the mention :)

Michelle said...

That's funny Ivan...I just thought they were so cute...even with trying to slim down the decorations, I had to get them.

Thanks for the visit!

Michelle said...

PVE and Annchovie, I love your work, and visit your blogs often...very talented! Happy Holidays!

Maria Killam said...

I need to start collecting wonderful decorations like the ones you have!! Beautiful.