Sunday, 28 December 2008

Driving and Winter Sucks!

What a crazy weekend...on Boxing Day we drove to Ucluelet from Vancouver, in white out conditions all the way there. I ended up in a snow bank at the end of my ex's driveway (it's too steep, and I shouldn't have tried it), with a tension headache and neckpains.

But, at the end of the journey, was my mom's; where there was the smell of home cooking, decorations, and where family and friends feasted on salmon, mashed potatoes, homeade apple pie, and and we opened presents...a few days late, but it still felt the same :)

I met Bailey, my sister's new westie puppy; I'll post a pic of her later. Too adorable for words :))

I am sick of this weather...


qerat said...

No one can hate cold weather more than I do so I totally sympathize.

Glad it was a happy ending though.

Fifi Flowers said...

Welllllllll... at least the salmon sounds divine! ENJOY! Fifi

Anonymous said...

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