Thursday, 4 December 2008

Eco-Luxury Safari Near Tofino

The Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge caught my attention quite some time ago. It's been around 10 years now, and you may have heard about it on the news recently as the place where Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds got "hitched".

I love hospitality design, and my natural design aesthetic tuned right into was the absurdity of the idea that put me into a tizzy when I came across it the first time.
They sell it as luxury eco safari, and I think that about sums it up. Executive Chef Timothy May's food is modern natural cuisine that lets the ingredients speak for themselves. I can only imagine the food compliments the environment...and look at the outdoor market and ocean available to you! One of my clients has been invited to his table, and they didn't stop smiling for days.
The rustic furniture is availble through Live Edge Designs.

From The Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge website-
"...promises discriminating travellers an ultra-luxurious eco-destination, four-star accommodations, otherworldly coastal cuisine, super natural adventure, and some of the most breathtakingly beautiful wilderness frontier left on the planet..."

I have often pondered the idea of living outside with a few luxuries...haven't you? One catch...3 days will set you back almost 7000 dollars per person. This includes your float plane ride from Vancouver, enrolment in the environmental stewardship program, meals, alcohol, a massage tent treatment of choice, and either horseback riding or fishing. Visit CWL's website here. Happy camping!
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Red River Interiors,LLC said...

OMG !Great place,It's wonderful and has a feel of luxury even in the outdoors...have to think about the price tag though...Fay

qerat said...

Seems like a beautiful place. For 7000 Dollars it better be :)
This solves my problem with camping :)

Ann said...

Looks like a real great place to escape to once in a while. The child in me will definitely love it.

Michelle said...

Yes, Tereq, I would say it is "blow dryer" camping. LOL

Michelle said...

Red River,
I think I would rather re-decorate my house :)

Thanks for the visit!

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting Ann...isn't it amazing?

cotedetexas said...

Looks so wonderful. But expensive! ha!!! camping is supposed to be cheap.

Unknown said...

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Alkemie said...

These are AMAZING photos and what a Gorgeous place!! Thank you for sharing :)

Karen O.