Friday, 14 August 2009

From my Lighting File

05-01-2009 11-15-14 AM


Tissage 10-Light Chandelier by Niermann Weeks

I rendered the Tissage in place a year or so ago, and have seen it in several design centers. I love the burnt orange and browns of this space with the distressed gold leaf of the chandelier.

Jaime_Hayon_Josephine_Queen_Chandelier_rrqmodern library_MMD_09 cropped 

Josephine  9.6.3 by Jaime Hayon…yummmmmmmy!

Perfect for a Library with double ht. and a mezzanine!

Rendering by Michelle Morelan


Fargerike Dagny said...

The 9.6.3. is amazing! Would need high ceilings though. Beautiful rendering as well! :D

Maria Killam said...

It's fun to see the actual photo of the chandelier in one of your wonderful renderings!

simply seleta said...

The last image with the red and yellow is delish.