Friday, 14 August 2009

Madeline Stuart

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I love Madeline’s work. I remember seeing her for the first time on House Beautiful TV many years ago.  She has a style that is really appealing to me- both masculine and feminine, with a nod to history, comfortable and liveable. I think much of her California style works well here on the coast of BC as well.

Check out her work here.

Thanks to Steve and Brooke Gianetti, since I was reminded of her amazing work, through Detailio…their great sourcing website.

Best, Michelle


Velvet and Linen said...

Madeline Stuart is an amazing interior designer. Her attention to detail is incredible. Steve has had the privilege of working with her on several projects.

I'm so glad you checked out Detailio. I try to update all of the resources that we use. It's the only way we can keep track of them all!

Happy weekend, Michelle.



I want to see my eye candy of this week in the third picture - I think these pieces will relate amazing with the three paintings on the right side.

Sweet entry! Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to spend time in all of the rooms she designed!