Wednesday 19 August 2009

First at the Beach


 First at the Beach, Acrylic on Canvas (with bevelled edge), 24x72, Michelle Morelan

CIMG9137 CIMG9139 CIMG9136

close-ups- last one showing edge treatment

I used to run at the Wickininnish Beach near Ucluelet in the morning, and I was usually the first on the beach in the spring and fall. The sand is untouched, and you feel a sense of discovery as you come upon it from the densely forested trail. You know you are getting close because of the sound of the waves and seabirds.

This canvas is a great size for the end of a hallway, or an entry. The vertical orientation and high horizon line draws your eyes up, and accentuates ceiling height. I’ve never used a bevelled canvas before, but liked the end result. Your framer can re-stretch the canvas without the bevel, then frame this piece if you like- I suggest a simple thin, metal or wood frame. With the bevelled edge, it stands on it’s own without framing. It’s quiet, yet mystical, layered and intentful in it’s size. Contact me for pricing and shipping details.

CIMG9132 …in the garden for it’s portrait :)


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Gorgeous ~ I admire your use of the sandy, beachy hues.Very reminiscent of fall. I like the beveled edge of the canvas. Lovely Michelle!

Karena said...

Michele I love this work of art. You are very talented. I have been experimenting with some unusual canvas sizes and will post some soon.

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Beautiful - I feel like I'm at the beach. I love your work!

katiedid said...

I LOVE that beveled canvas. I have never seen it before. Very beautiful!

Unknown said...


Pam Kersting said...

Lovely work! I love them all!

qerat said...

Just getting better all the time. I love the bevelled edge. No need for a frame as you said and it makes the painting more 3 dimensional.