Friday, 21 August 2009

Amsterdam 2009?


Amsterdam Bike-  Michelle Morelan, 2005

I’ve been looking at apartments to rent in Amsterdam. I’m getting antsy, because I usually go away to my favourite city in September to join my husband, and this year I have made no plans. I have rented prior years, but the apt. was kind of run down, and the owner was a little too easy going…"I’ll get the cable or internet going for you in a couple of days…” you know, that kind of thing.

I am faced with a bit of a dilemma though- it costs more for one month in a short term rental, than for 3 months in a long term rental. The short term rentals seem more like glorified hotel rooms, and the long term rentals can look kind of cluttered with other people’s stuff. Also, being an Interior Designer, I want something with character and style.

Here are some choices for rentals:

1. This is a house on Diamantstraat- near the skinny bridge (brug)

image image image image

2. An apartment just outside of the city centrum…about the same distance to the Dam as Vondelpark. All locations around the city work for me, since the tram service is so reliable.


image image image



3. This is an apartment near Oosterpark, which is a quieter location close to the Albert Cypmarket.

image image


image  image

image  image

So, which one should I take? What one would you rent?


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I like the second one best, then the last one. I, personally, would be more comfortable in the second one as far as decor.

Fargerike Dagny said...

Oh, Amsterdam is fabulous! I loved the first apartment, it had a dutch feel to it :)

Southern Exposure said...

I like them the order the are in - the first one the best, then the second, then the third. They all look pretty great though!

Pam Kersting said...

I liked no. 3 best -- it is simple, open and has a great connection to the garden! Second choice was no. 1 as it also had outdoor space. How fun to live in Amsterdam for a month! Lucky girl!

Red River Interiors,LLC said...

I absolutely love apt 2. The decor is visually interesting and love the kitchen with the back door. Nex, apt the patio outside and the tidy clean look....Have a great time in Amsterdam

Terry said...

I'm at a loss but the single room I like best is the bathroom of #3.

qerat said...

Maybe the first or second one

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

because of the garden, I would take no. 3, but they all look great. Let us know which one you take.

DesignTies said...

I can't decide!!
Love the outdoor living and Dutch feel of #1; love the stained glass windows, art and decor style of #2; love the garden, bathroom and kitchen of #3.
Which one appeals most to you, Michelle?

Anonymous said...

Number 2 (reminds me of the Boston bay windows) Cozy and familiar.

Michelle said...

I'm leaning towards number 2, since it will be cooler, and I won't need outdoor space. I agree with Dagny though, the first one is so Dutch!

Thanks for the help!

Danica said...

My favourite is the second one. The decor is more my style(not that I'm staying there, but you asked our opinion!), and I adore the stained glass in the bay window!

nannykim said...

The second one is sooo inviting.