Friday 20 November 2009

Blue Sky Architecture

I had the pleasure of touring a home under construction this weekend in Ucluelet which left me in awe. It’s perched over crashing waves, and one of my favourite little coves. I have often said I grew up in an area that is unique, and like nowhere else…mushrooms, ferns, sideways rain, crashing waves loud enough to vibrate your body. Architecture should respond to the site…I know it’s a cliché, but it’s the number one rule of architecture. The area has lots of Whistler looking homes…I was always perplexed by this…we have a unique landscape and climate, and I yearned for structures that made me feel safe from that storm, yet respond to the immediate dynamic landscape.

As an Interior Designer, I was looking for flaws, but found none…the finishes were understated, chosen carefully and applied in a modern way. The view was uncompromised from the bed in the master bedroom, because the TV was on hydraulics and set into the floor when not in use. A cantilevered concrete fireplace is held together by steel and mesh, making it look like three sheets of glass are supporting it’s enormous scale. The rooms are not large, but usable, and the building curves like a crescent to accept the cove below. Stairs to the beach and upper deck are tapered from the middle, and floating, supported by a system of bolted steel in the center. Details delight…like steel L bars that support the glass railings from the beams below. I can see books and original art at home in this house.

Did I say yummmm…

Here are some other examples of Blue Sky’s work.

All photos from Blue Sky Architecture’s website. Photographer not listed.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, the house is perfectly sited. The inner and outer curves really respond to the landscape. Stunning.

Terry said...

These architects are champions of gentle curves. I'll take you word on fitness for the setting buy they all seem laid low - not screaming for attention. It's wonderful that they show floor plans on their website. It helps me make sense of the houses.

DesignTies said...

Ahhh... westcoast architecture at its finest!! In my dreams I live in a home like this!!
Stunning, Michelle!
When the home is finished, you'll have to return and take photos :-)

abby jenkins said...

Spectacular in every way!

I would love to snuggle up in front of that fireplace with a good book and a single malt scotch!


Yum! Yum and more Yum! I can imagine the views and the warm of the space.

Danica said...

That bookcase is amazing!