Saturday 21 November 2009

Artist Katsumi Kimoto

Tree-On-The-Point_sm kkimotoI had a few minutes before a client meeting on Granville yesterday, so I thought I would take a peek at a couple of paintings that have been catching my eye as I drive through the city. Turns out the artist is from Ucluelet! I knew those silhouettes of cedar snags and surf  must have been influenced by that landscape. Katsumi’s Aunt lives right down the street from my mom; the Kimotos are a very well known Japanese family that settled the area. His Grandmother’s Octopus Salad is famous in it’s own right.

His work is amazing! Someone else has interpreted the area in their own personal way through their own experiences, and I couldn’t help but feel joy and delight.

The work speaks for itself…and he is a sweetie and cutie too! Sorry ladies…girlfriend and dog!

See his work at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver.

Westcoast-Sunset_sm kkimoto

Red-and-White_sm Kkimoto

Katsunami_sm kkimoto



Love the energy!

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Wow, that last piece is amazing - the spray jumps out of the canvas at you! Wonderful!