Monday 23 November 2009

Salvation Army Chairs in Place

CIMG9714  CIMG0378

After I made over these chairs…I paired them with a couple of wicker Pier 1 chairs in jute and black…I love the combination of shape and texture. They are now at home in my office overflow space;  the table is next…I’m using nail head trim after I paint it black! I also have a chandelier in mind.

CIMG0386     CIMG0393 CIMG0419 CIMG0421CIMG0410


Brillante Interiors said...

Beautiful set of chairs, I love the combination of the two styles and the colors chosen. The table will be gorgeous even if I like it as it is. Those (vintage?)glasses are amazing. Cheers!

Adrienne, Clark and Ford said...

Gorgeous! Though, I do have to say I love the table in the original pine.

Renae Moore said...

Love it Michelle! What a great space!