Tuesday, 25 November 2008

the seaside room

The seaside room at a client's is ready...almost...we still need a white wicker chair, and a woven large rug, but it is stunning, and feels airy, like a summer day.

This is a guest room in a large home, with a view of the sea. The client loves the small village of Hale'eva in Kauai (sorry about the spelling), and wanted the room to reference that favorite place.

There is a fine line between "theme" and "concept". The best way to explain this is to picture the Rainforest Cafe at Disneyworld vs. the building of room elements based on a common element like the Blue Fin in Times Square which references the sea, only realizing this, after you experience the space. I find many decorate in a thematic way, rather than consider the gestalt and space as a whole. A concept is less tangible, but is something to base your decisions on space planning, finishes, etc...

The prints over the Asian chair are the only other colour in the room; they depict local scenes of the Hawaiian village.

The coral is framed in old fence boards, and is actually local! White bedding contrasts nicely against the black bed, and Carrington Beige by BM is used on the walls.

This is what you see when you walk in the room. The black bamboo bed is Ralph Lauren, and was a bitch to put together requiring wooden pegs and a rubber mallet.

The transoms let in light, and when lit from behind are a work of art. Andre Sperling of Barclay Glass created over a dozen for the home.


qerat said...

And what a beautiful room that is. Would be great to go to bed feeling this light. It floats.


After reading this entry I realized how much I need a break - lol.

cotedetexas said...

I am dying - this is so gorgeous!!! I once did a blog on the hotel in Jamaica where Ralph Lauren has a place and so many condos there had this bed! It's wonderful. I am really impressed with your work!!!! it's fabulous!!

Michelle said...

That means allot coming from you Joni, since I think YOUR work is amazing!

Thanks :)

Michelle said...

Found the RL post Joni...OMG...so many ideas there. Love the bed in the brown stain as well!


franki durbin said...

Oh how fantastic!!! I adore this room. Reminds me of my trip to Mill Reef on the isle of Antigua. What a terrific room for your clients. Fabulous work!