Saturday, 22 November 2008

penthouse update, storm watching, christmas decorating

I am spending this weekend in Ucluelet, looking after a client's house while they are in Vegas. This has given me a chance to check on the Penthouse progress at the Moorage. These are private clients separate from the Moorage contract. It's coming along beautifully.

Sometimes it's the collaboration with the client that gets the best results. They have a very European aesthetic, and I had to get my head around what they wanted, and keep resale value in mind. The result is a very trim and moulding heavy look, with dark marbles and a 48"medallion in the entry. You can see the dwgs I did a few months ago here.

You've seen the home where I am staying many times on my blog, and know the client and I have become close friends. While they are away, I am decorating the house for Christmas; here are some pics of my progress. It's a great house to decorate, and with fir, cedar, spruce and pine readily available, it has been lots of fun.

Last night the storm watching (and listening) was can never get the full feeling from pictures, but you can imagine the sound of the ocean. There was such a storm, that the outdoor microphone was crackling and moss and pine cones were hitting the windows :0

Today, I sit, on the edge of a continent, facing the sea, listening to Carla Bruni, typing a blog entry and drinking a diet coke.

Life is good


qerat said...

Hmmm :)
Seems like a quiet & fun weekend for you. And that sitting on the edge of a continent bit got me envious.

Michelle said...

It would be great to be able to transport yourself wouldn't it? If that was possible, I would spend some time in your "hood"

Your project looks must be learning so exciting!