Sunday, 16 November 2008

Kimberly Seldon Seminar

Well...this has been a whirlwind weekend...2 days of Kimberly Seldon's Business of Design seminars here in Vancouver.

I met some wonderful women there; all exceptional Designers, Stagers, Architects, Organizers, Stylists and Decorators. I also met Interior Designer Patricia Gray and fellow blogger and Home Stager Albarosa for the first time. What a delight! Even a couple of college friends showed up that I didn't know were attending!

I'll be collecting my thoughts, following up with my to-do lists and posting more about this seminar this coming week. For now I will just say...ppphhhewww.

I wish now I could have chatted with every woman there... I hope a networking group comes out of this.

I dislike this picture of me so much, but had to post it...of course Kimberly looks awsome! Thanks to Nancy@ Urban Aesthetics for the pic, since my battery was mysteriosly missing from my camera....teenagers!


Fifi Flowers said...

HOw FUN... networking is what it's all about!

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting Fifi...I saw your artwork on Patricia's sight, leading me to yours...and I love your blog! You are a true artist.


Brillante Interiors said...

What an intense week-end we had with Kimberley! and the opportunity to meet you and other smart designers.Worth every penny.

Michelle said...

Thanks...I can see that I need to do more networking...if there are people like you out there Albarosa!

We should do lunch when you return from Italy... :) I'd love to know more about your photography.