Wednesday 18 August 2010

NYC in 2 days...NYIGF

This trip to NYC had a couple of major screw ups…first, and I NEVER do this…I got a connecting flight. As you may have read in my profile, my hubby is a commercial pilot, and I am not inexperienced with these buses in the sky, so I am surprised I did it. It’s also the first time I took Delta…NEVER again on that one too!!  (I’m only linking to them, so they may find this complaint)

They left us one hour to make a connection, clear customs in the connecting city, grab our bags, drop them again, and make it to a new gate. We had to wait for 15 minutes in the hot plane…they couldn’t open the doors because the customs paperwork wasn’t faxed from Vancouver. With this flight leaving so early from Vancouver, customs wasn’t even open, so that’s the reason we had to clear customs in the connecting city, which was Minneapolis.

The most hilarious part of the whole thing was when we were all stressed, and talking to each other in the customs line about not making our flight (2 windows open for 200 passengers), the third of the customs agents comes out, and says “You might as well relax, because most of you are not going to make this flight…Delta knows that they need two hours for a connection, and it was too bad for us”. Great…Mr. Personality….and of course, you can’t say anything! Such A__ H____s these guys. How about, get behind one of those booths and try to do something to help the situation????

So, I (and another 100 people) missed the connecting flight, on a Saturday, in the middle of the country, when I only had two and a half days in NYC, and I was pissed to find out I had to wait five hours for the next one!!!! GRrrrrr.

I arrived in NYC at rush hour, finally got there late Saturday, and was so tired, I crashed big time. Every flight was packed full, and it was awful.

The city was, in fact marvellous, especially Saturday when I arrived, the weather being perfect, but the next day was so so humid, it felt like you were in a steam shower…that, was of course the two days where I NEEDED to look composed for some business I was taking care of in the city. My hair was like straw.

Looking forward to my next trip in January!!…can you tell I’m not a hot weather girl?

Thanks for letting my vent and rant….now onto the good stuff….

The Gift Show at Javitz Center/Piers was really huge, and really beautiful…a few things I loved….

CIMG2130 CIMG2151

Effortless arrangements….Dash and Albert Rugs and Throws…Remember when I used the throw for this campsite post?

CIMG2128 CIMG2149

Rustic boards, furniture, John Robshaw (of Wandrlust/Woodson and Rummerfields) bedding…loving colour!

 CIMG2153 CIMG2134

Me and a Chicken foot stool/sculpture from The City Girl Farm in Lyons Kansas. Mom, Susan is and Interior Designer, and her two daughters Emily and Sally are both Architecture and Interior Architecture/Product design students. What a creative team. They were influenced by Francois-Xavier Lalanne’s sheep ottomans. Pendants, lighting, spheres and natural curiosities were abundant…this vingette was especially pretty…I forgot the source…if you know it, please email me.

CIMG2143 CIMG2117

Armand Diradourian Cashmere pieces were nothing short of pure loveliness…I wish I had touch-a-vision, because they feel like butter…small scale iconic furniture for the kids at Little Nest was so adorable!


Oh, and I did some shopping as well…these great permanent pleat pants are from a textile design team in Austria called Yummy.

I bought the gold earrings at The New York Look on 5th Ave…they are my new favourites, but couldn’t find a website. You can see the polishing marks on the disks…I love that detail.

The neck piece is from db Sources Limited…they show at High Point, Dallas and NYC.

And, a new coach wallet/wristlet I can use inside a larger bag…I love the colour orange right now.

So, even know it was rushed, I had travel problems, and didn’t have time to contact anyone, I had a great time at the show, just wandering and asking questions… I feel inspired to think outside the box, and have some great new resources to share with my clients.


Best… Michelle


Renae Moore said...

Oh Michelle, no fun with the travel mess ups. Looks like you did get to take a deep breath and enjoy the show! You look so comfortable in that chair!

Ann from Rose et Lis said...

I'm glad you were able to get to the NYIGF. I am overdue, so let's meet there in January! Beware, coming from a Clevelander who also prefers colder weather, it can be c-c-cold there in January. That is if we make it in without a snowstorm.


Brillante Interiors said...

Glad that you recovered from the horror flight, I can see beautiful hair and a smile in your picture with the fun chicken.

Velvet and Linen said...

I really wanted to go to NY! Unfortunately I couldn't get away. Thank you so much for taking us with you and sharing all of your wonderful resources. Now I don't feel so bad :)


Furniture Artist said...

Hi Michelle! Love that cute furniture for kids, it looks so chic and adorable in mini size :) Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to get a piece for my nephew!

pve design said...

Travel is so glamourous (NOT)
Sorry to hear about your delays~ but glad you enjoyed your NY trip - see you next time, I hope!

VICKY said...

Gorgeous stuff! This looks great. I love so many things, especially all the pops of color throughout!Thanks for taking us with you and Thanks for sharing.