Tuesday 31 August 2010

Travel Sketching

I am cleaning up the office and have found my teeny sketchbook from 07 and 08…I can’t wait to go back to Amsterdam…I’m getting antsy; and think about it daily. This time want to include Ireland and Italy. The tops of the canal houses look like little hairdos to me…with eyebrows on each of the windows in brick or plaster details. Cut-outs in the shutters and old wrought iron railings are just so charming! They are just the most lovely little houses.

I love wasting the time away with a jar of cloudy water and a couple of brushes. This trip I used just the essentials…5 markers and 2 fine-liners.

sketchbook cover

amsterdam 3



amsterdam 2

amsterdam 18


“The main thing is that we hear and enjoy life’s music everywhere”

Theodore Fontane


pve design said...

Fantastic. Sometimes when I travel, I just want to soak up the view and not have to sketch, but wow, you make me want to travel sketching everything I see.

Terry said...

I don't know how you are able to do this but I'm glad you can and I'm very happy to see it. I know it helps me to see and it must make you "look" in ways a passerby can't imagine.

Ann said...

You captured Amsterdam! My hubbie is from there and I never tire of the architecture.

Will you sell some of those?



I love how loose your sketches are. I can see cards with lovely messages around!

qerat said...

life's music?
your music is in your renderings and sketches Michelle.
These are beautiful. As Ivan said these can easily make beautiful cards and small posters.

Anonymous said...

Every single one of your sketches (and renderings) inspires me to immediately get out my pens and markers. These are so beautiful!

Velvet and Linen said...

MIchelle, I am always amazed at your talent. These sketches are fabulous!


DesignTies said...

Oh, these are such sweet sketches!! You really should frame them and hang them so you can enjoy them every day. And then go to Amsterdam and create whole new collection of sketches!! :-)


Dovecote Decor said...

Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! Take a look at our most recent post on interior renderings - I think you would enjoy it. I will definitely be contacting you when we do a post on exteriors - you are really talented!!

ROVVEL said...

The color in these is so perfect! What a perfect way to remember your adventures. xoxo

Natasha said...

I was in Amsterdam in May and these sketches bring back long afternoons at cafes by the canals. Can't wait to go back!

Brillante Interiors said...

Lovely! It must be so relaxing to sit and sketch while inspired by something new or by something old seen in a different state of mind. Your drawings tell beautiful stories.

Anonymous said...

Those are stunning! What a gift to be able to capture your memories so beautifully!

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

I love your description and your Amazing sketches…Thank you for sharing.


JASR said...

i love your sketches! they're really artistic and you're such a wonderful designer!