Monday 26 July 2010

#3 Camping with Tobi - The Video Tutorial

See my guest post on Tobi’s blog; – follow the video tutorial below, and let’s go camping !!

tobi_camping tent

tobi_camping bathtobi_camping dining table   


camping with Tobi materials

Create the Look with these Pieces:

Ralph Lauren: Wing Chair, Picnic Basket, Rattan Chair
Conran: Travel Trunk, Director Chair and Desk
Loll: Red Adorondak
Brent Comber: Stump Tables
Drake: Duffel Bags
Walmart: Lantern
Ikea:Solar Pendant Lamp
Dash and Albert: Rug
John Hanly: Throw
Hermes: Binoculars

Thanks for inviting me to go camping Tobi…for the video tutorial of the tent interior, click below.


Brillante Interiors said...

This is great, I never went camping in my life but I certainly can do it now, in style, with that beautiful bed, tub, luxurious tent and comfort. I am going to watch the video after this comment and I am sure I will learn so much. Thanks Michelle.

Ann said...

I would consider going camping in that tent!

You are just the best!

Lisa Porter said...

You lucky girl! I would have loved to have attended Tobi's camp!
Michelle your renderings are just fabulous. I have always loved your designs but I think these might be my favorites so far, and I am not a camping gal! I just might have to reconsider though, camping with RL under the direction of Tobi Fairley. Sounds pretty fun to me...
Thanks for stopping by this evening.

Lisa Porter said... again. My son and I are now watching your tutorial video and it's waaay past his bedtime.
"Who cares mom, this lady can REALLY draw!"
Just thought you would enjoy knowing how you have inspired him, and me too.
Thank you Michelle.

Unknown said...

Hats off once again!... Like Ivan, definitely my style of camping!

qerat said...

Now I want to move OUTDOORS into this :)

Tamra said...

Once again, I am so thrilled to have found your blog! I love your tutorials and am learning so much. Thank you too for including a materials list and talking about the pens and markers you use.

I cannot wait to give this a try as I have always admired these types of drawings and wondered how they were done.

Beautiful work.

Francine Gardner said...

I love camping! my kids and their friends were just up in Maine camping on the island, they came back after a 10 hours drive completely soaked but had such a fabulous time. I will be going in October camping with my friend in the Himalayas....and somehow I do not think that our camping experience is going to be quite so grand... your renderings i think are my favorite so far...I just want to get into your tent and not leave.
Will love to see you in August, Francine

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...


Loved it! Fabulous post! Camping in a stylish tent or luxury cabin sounds good to me! If you go in the just right motorhome that works too! It's actually fun sitting by the campfire sipping a glass of wine listening to good music and making smores!



That series was so much fun! - Can't wait to see more videos.

La Boheme said...

Michelle, I love all of your series thus far - they are all unique in different way and I can't wait for more! Btw I gave your series little love on my blog - I hope you like it :) xoxo

Renae Moore said...

I think you YOU need to hold camp! I am going to block out time on my calendar to get the supplies needed and follow your tutorials. You gush talent!

pve design said...

Will there be s'mores?
I love your renderings and the process.
I would set up camp and watch you draw all day!

nadyazotova said...

Dear Michelle, I read all your posts carefully and you inspired me to take sketch lessons. I've never draw before but now I'm really crazy about it! I study at interior design school in Moscow, unluckyly we didn't have good drawing teacher so I have to find information by myself. I hope on day I'll be as great as you! This is the link to my sketches!/album.php?aid=27715&id=100000185452195. I'll be so glad if you say smth about it. Thank you. Nadya

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