Friday 20 February 2009

Meade Design Group- Victoria

This morning, I thought I would piss my pants laughing at the photos of Ivan, Echo and Bobbie at Meade Design Group in Victoria when they posted these hilarious pictures. I've said it before; it must be one hell of a place to work!

I was fortunate to meet Echo and Ivan a couple of weeks ago at Patricia's pizza party here in
Vancouver. (Thank you again Patricia; what a sweet thing to do!) I could tell they were both hurting from the loss of their friend and colleague, Greg just days earlier. They were troopers, and we all ended up having a great time.
While checking out Meade Design Group's website, I was really impressed with the quality of work! Design is a funny field; many of us creative types really struggle with the business side of things, but Ivan seems to do very well with both. They also offer graphic design services, and when I need a new website this year, I know who I am going to call to set up my graphic identity! Mr. Meade.

Check out their studio space that I rendered. It's in a great little historic area of Victoria...Ivan designed the wallpaper graphic himself! (I know I said I was going to do the kitchen space Ivan, but I screwed it up late in the process. Wood tones are tough!)

Maybe I will include it anyway, to show what can go wrong!

Very Best Amigo...and Amiga!
You are so fierce!



Unknown said...

Hi Michelle
I too laughed out loud at the pictures of the Meade Group on their last posting. You have done some incredible renderings of their workspace. Check out my post today on the rendering you did for me. You are amazing!!

Michelle said...

Dido Patricia! Your amazing work made it easy to rempresent.

DesignTies said...

What could possibly be wrong with your rendering of the kitchen -- it's fantastic!!! ALL your renderings are fabulous :-) I really enjoy looing at them.

I'm so envious of your artistic abilities -- anything beyond stick people is beyond me!!!



Michelle, Michelle and I need one more Michelle,

No words can express how honored we feel that you used our work as your inspiration. The renderings are fantastic - I don't see anything wrong with them. It is your first intention that We love the most.

Today has been a great day, but on a personal level this entry has overpassed all the laughs and good times - being appreciated for what you do professionally is even more rewarding.

Thank you very much for your support, your friendship, your talent, the stunning roses,and all your comments in my blog. We are so happy to know you.

You are the best!

Your most fierce mexican amigo,

Iván Meade

Brillante Interiors said...

No comment...your talent leaves me speechless.

Maria Killam said...

What could I possibly say that could top what everyone else has already said Ms. Talented One. It was great to see you last night!

qerat said...

SO the blogsphere is all about Your rendering today Michelle :)
And they deserve it too. They are beautiful.

Ivy Lane said...

I just found you via Colour Me Happy today! Love your blog and your talent! Will be back often!

Those pics were hilarious!!!

your renderings.. AWESOME!

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting Ivy....aren't those pics hilarious?! The funny part is that Ivan is very much a gentleman, and very the pics really took me off guard!

I love how they can make fun of themselves. usual everything Ivan does seems to go well...they won the tickets!

manuel said...

Hello there,

These are amazing! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am fascinated and inspired... thank you!