Wednesday 11 February 2009

Blogger Love at Patricia's

Alborosa, Gaile, Maria, Patricia, Ivan, Michelle (Echo is taking the picture, and Dale has gone)

Last night was a late one! I can't remember the last time I was partying it up till 1 am!
Patricia Gray threw the most amazing pizza party at her beautiful home, and us local design bloggers were invited!

Maria, from Colour me Happy, Dale from Dale's Hospitality Design, Gaile from Gaile Guevera, Ivan and Echo from Meade Group in Victoria, Alborosa from Brilliante Home Decor (fresh back from Milan), Patricia, myself (and two very lucky little pups) chatted, and got to know each other.

Bloggers have an instant connection when they see each other for the first time...because this is in fact...not their first meeting, but you get to see more...Ivan was a consummate gentleman (very well mannered, great business sense, and very handsome too!), and kept all of us in drinks, food, and anything we needed. Echo from Meade Group came along with Ivan... and she is an Island girl, just like me!

I got to meet Dale, who does Hospitality design in a LARGE way here in Vancouver...I needed more time to chat with him about that. Albarosa was fresh back from Italy, and we kept her up way past her bedtime...she is so classy...the way she carries herself is something I strive for- I can be very much the opposite, loud and obnoxious! I got to meet Gaile for the first time, and was surprised that we knew allot of the same people...check out her blog...she is so modern and clean in her look; we both went to Kwantlen, and worked at Polygon! Small world.

And of course, Maria and Patricia...who I feel I am really making lasting friendships with, over the last few months.

Things are meant to be going this way...serendipitously!

I think we should start planning a larger scale blogger party, and all of us bloggers should go!
That would be a great weekend!

Ivan, Patricia and Maria...everyone's personalities came out watching them make their pizzas! He used the same dough patching method I did...everyone used totally different ingredients, including smoked salmon, pine nuts, pesto, artichokes and carmelized onions.

Patricia's and Gaile's little ones (and I mean little!)...aren't they adorable?

Just one vignette at Patricia's...yup... everything looks that good!

Thank you so much Patricia! My heart is warmed with the potential of some great new people in my life...and it all started here in 10 point font! I've yet to meet a better hostess :)


Brillante Interiors said...

Yes it was a great evening, in a perfect house, with a superb host and a group of smart and fun people.
I was on Jet-Lag and did not talk much (did not show any italian pizza making skills either...) but I surely enjoyed every moment.
Looking forward to the next party.

Things That Inspire said...

Wow - looks like a great evening! Does everyone's personality match their blog?

I have never met another design blogger, believe it or not, although I have struck up email friendships with quite a few.

Michelle said...

It feels just the same; but more is revealed TTI!

DesignTies said...

It sounds like a fantastic evening - good food and and even better company & conversation!!
Victoria (one half of DesignTies)

Unknown said...

Thank-you Michelle for the pictures of the evening. I enjoyed getting everyone together. And best of all I had some great left over pizza for supper tonight.

qerat said...

and I am envious :)
Glad you had such a great time

Michelle said...

Tareq, we were talking that night about how you should have been there!

qerat said...

Glad to be considered part of the Canadian super blogging group.
Would have loved to be there. Looking forward to the rest of the pictures

Maria Killam said...

Lovely post of the evening! Everyone gets a different story and a different angle of the evening's festivities! I truly enjoyed myself, that's when you know it was a great party when no one leaves until 1 in the morning!!


Patricia was a gracious host - and all the bloggers were really amazing. Echo and I felt really welcome and had a great time.

I can't wait to see everyone again.

Michelle - Thank you very much for pointing out how handsome I am too!

Topsy Turvy said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! How nice to have so many bloggers in "the neighborhood."


pve design said...

what fun!

Lisa Porter said...

Thanks for your comment. Notice i am commenting on a post that is half way down your front page. What a fun party with such talented guests. I have taken my time and enjoyed my first cup of coffee getting to know your blog, your incredible talent, and your warm personality. I look forward to following along on your journey.
Oh, and before i forget, i also find great joy in simply "being" in a beautifully designed space. I am usually speechless!
Now for my second cup!