Tuesday 3 February 2009

BC Breaking into Springtime?

Spring has almost sprung...tulips breaking ground in my Vancouver garden...on Feb1st!
I bought them in Amsterdam last fall...white and peach to go with the newly painted grey house/white trim.

Eagles in Nanaimo...in large numbers

My back deck (an embarassing picture!) before we transformed it to this last year!

I am dreaming of getting out the deck furniture, reading a good book, and a drinking a cold glass of iced tea! My first full season with the new backyard! Any book suggestions?

We have used solar uplights shaped like rocks, and lots of candlight and lanterns. Last summer, we used tea lights along the length of the fence for a party. The night time ambience was so nice!

Remember sunshine Vancouver? Please bring it back to us soon :)
I feel your longer days...they hold such potential!



Anonymous said...

awesome deck! and seriously, right now, winter is kind of like that socially unaware guest who doesn't quite know when to leave.

also, thanks for the nice comment on my blog :)

DesignTies said...

I love your deck -- it's a beautiful place to sit down and relax and enjoy the outdoors :-)

That's a Japanese Maple in the corner, yes?? Love it!!

I'm sooooooo envious of you Vancouverites -- at the moment, my bulbs are buried under three feet of snow :-( I'll have to live vicariously through you till May!! ;-)

Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

Unknown said...

Love the deck, outdoor living is something I covet. In Las Vegas we only get a few weeks a year that aren't too cold or mostly too hot. I wish I was there, I'd bring champagne and fresh berries for Mimosas!

Maria Killam said...

Beautiful job you did on your deck. I'm happy you posted those so I could see them. I was curious after our conversation about your deck!!


I wish to have a deck like that - I am under remediation and my building is so depressing, but I am glad your deck is so sweet!

Nettan said...

Your blog is sooo nice and i´m really impressed by your work!
The deck lookes great and i understand that you are looking forward to spend some time out there!

Unknown said...

Loving that deck. And I like looking at snow ... it's too bloody hot here!

qerat said...

Cant wait for Spring to arrive with even more anticipation for the Summer. I know it is much colder in your part of the world, but still i dont like winter even here!! The long days and warm weather are just liberating for the soul.
Love your deck.

Michelle said...

yes, it's a j. maple...I borrowed it for a project, and broke a branch off of it...so I bought it.

Trees are expensive!

Thanks for visiting Kelly...I'll be back to your blog as well.

Michelle said...

This year, we are either staining, sealing (or both) or deciding to let the cedar grey.

Anyone have an opinion? The house is grey with white trim.

Leciawp said...

Your deck is great! Summer is just around the corner, isn't it?

Lauren said...

So gorgeous!!! (I'm jealous!) Beautiful job.

and ps- I have been reading lots of good things about you & your renerings on other blogs!! (well-deserved!! :)

christian barnard land studio said...


Let the cedar age naturally. I think that beachy grey colour would work really well in that space.

katiedid said...

What a transformation! So very pretty.

Unknown said...

I bet you are so excited to see those tulips bursting forth, and recalling fond memories of you holiday. Your deck transformation is marvelous. Can I come over in the summer and sip some iced tea with you?

Wise Space said...

Hi Michelle - love your deck and those sunny photos. I really appreciate the tulips shoots; yay spring is near.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouragement.

qerat said...

I agree with Christian, let it age naturally