Friday 3 September 2010

Six Objects de Vie – Ivan Meade

Ivan is a multi talented friend…his education and upbringing have moulded him into someone who is passionate, chivalrous, driven and caring. He has a magnetic personality, at ease in the elite design world, or with helping a student during a practicum in his office. As my design friend once said…”his mama raised him right”. He is also open and sharing with his business; I was lucky enough to be invited to an appreciation event the Victoria community put on for him earlier this year. That says it all about Ivan.

Recently, Ivan and his wonderful team completed a home in LA that took my breath away…with a great client at that!! It’s not a surprise he was the designer she chose, his knowledge and the way he makes you feel like it was your idea is genuine, yet calculated for your benefit…like a breath of fresh air.

Ivan understands the connection between arts, enjoying the good things in life, like friends, art, food, music and laughter, giving him a great balance. It’s my pleasure to share Ivan’s six objects he uses everyday.

Thanks for participating Ivan! Hmmm…that’s why you always smell so good!

Go and tell Ivan you were here….and leave him a nice comment ; )

Meade Design Group – the blog

finished plate Ivan_objects de vie

Meade Design Group: Ivan Meade, Jeff Michaud, Sarah McNeil, Natasha Duff, Echo Eaton




Sue Murphy@ life as a house said...

What a fun concept. I enjoyed going over to Ivan's site to meet him. Thanks for sharing Him with us.

Brillante Interiors said...

You said it well Michelle, Ivan is just as you described him and more to come! I think the objects we have chosen can say a lot about our personality. This is a fun game and I am looking forward to know more about...the next designer.

Karena said...

I adore Ivans' work and blog. The interviews are always excellent!

Art by Karena

qerat said...

Ivan's personality shines through his blog and even people who have not met him in person get to know how generous and loving he is, plus of course how talented he is.
Great to know more about him.

pve design said...

We must have been separated at birth? I love all the same six objects, plus the infamous office chair dance.
I love his humor - although we have never met, I know we would share some good laughs over ice cream.


Dear Dear Michelle,

Well, what can I say - What an honour to be part of your 6 objects de Vie - Love the Layout and that intro Oh my! - I am over the moon.

Your are the best!

Schematically yours,


Velvet and Linen said...

Everything you said about Ivan is so true! It's wonderful to get to know even more about this genuine and talented man!

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

Hey Michelle!

My name is Anna Caroline; an interior design student. Studying correspondence leaves me out from interacting with mentors and peers; I'm so glad to find your blog. You are indeed an inspiration. I'm glad to see that you have included tutorial clips in your blog.

/Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210

Verdigris Vie said...

Yes - he is every bit as fabulous as I thought!!

Flourishing Networks said...

I love this ... great styles from amazing people!!!