Sunday 22 August 2010

Six Objects de Vie…Carol Reed of CREED

I came across Carol’s blog last year, and was instantly attracted to her renderings…then I took a look at her portfolio, and was smitten…Carol is a professional Interior Designer, and it shows…her work is programmed, and the design work is stunning, but you can still see the client in them…the way they live. Not just a pretty face, Carol is someone to watch for. Even know she is Canadian, I think we have the best chance of meeting up in NYC…I look forward to it!

Thanks to Carol for participating…she is the 4th plate in my series, and I am having fun introducing you to, and sharing a snippet from the day of these fabulous designers.

CREED- the blog

Carol Reed Interior Design

object de vie_carol reed_finished plate


CREED said...

Thank you Michelle for asking me to participate in this feature - it was challenging to pick just 6 things, but it was a lot fun! Thanks also for your kinds words - you're been an inspiration to me as a designer, an artist and a blogger. I look forward to following your work here and meeting you in person one day soon, perhaps in NYC,,or Paris,,,or Morocco.....!


DesignTies said...

Thanks for the introduction to Carol. Her portfolio is full of beautiful rooms -- I've already found one picture that I'm going to include in a post later this week :-)

It's always great to discover new-to-me Canadian bloggers & designers :-)


pve design said...

Wow, Carol is amazing.
love her 6 objects and her site.