Sunday, 25 April 2010

Colouring Book (Blue Bedroom) and Materials List for MMID Videos



bedroom 2010 2

While we finish up the first video, I thought it would be fun to get limbered up doing a practice rendering…I’ll call these drawings the “Colouring Book”.  Print out the first drawing (doesn’t have to be more than 5x7), tape a piece of trace or rag paper on top, use a fine liner (.05 or .03) to sketch the drawing, apply gray shadows, then colour, darker shadows, finish with fine liner texture and remember some lighting effects. You can use mine for reference if you like, but try using your own colours and design elements like the nail heads, art, rug, etc. This will be our first drawing, so give it a go, keep it as your “before” and date it, because it’s rewarding to look at your progress. I’d love to see some of them, so please…email me your finished rendering! (I would never post them without permission)

bedroom 2010 2      bedroom 2010 2     bedroom 2010 2  

Colouring Book (Blue Bedroom)

Original art, Interior Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan Design, 2010

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Materials List:

You can order these online, but a visit to the art store is great to get the juices flowing; go to a type which has a  large selection of canvases, as it will most likely have these supplies; not Michaels…they only carry Prismacolour markers.



  • Light table set up (glass and lamp will do). If you don’t have piece of glass, consider the “as is” bin at Ikea for a glass door or small table top for one of their cheap end tables; just make sure it’s big enough to hold a legal size paper, with some space around. Always use tempered glass with a finished edge!
  • Paper: both plain paper and archival rag paper. Use larger than letter size if you can, but you are limited to the size of your scanner- You can work as small or large as you like. I have a scanner that scans up to ledger size (11x17), so I use larger paper. I use Bienfang Graphics 360- 100% rag translucent marker paper (this is like tracing paper, but it doesn’t bleed, is thicker and is able to handle the marker manipulation). Just ask the clerk for marker paper- archival.
  • Drafting tape; it’s less sticky than regular masking tape, but that will do too…just put it on your pants or skin first to get most of the stickiness off.
  • Black fine liner pens: Copic Multiliner SP .03, and .05, Staedtler pigment liner .1 (an assorted pack of thicknesses is a better deal)
  • Artist pen by Faber-Castell in the B thickness; this is a paint brush type tip- a multipack of greys and a multipack of colour is a better deal, 199 (dark gray), 272 (light gray),174 (green), and 247 (blue) are some I use often. A thicker 180 (raw umber) is also useful.
  • Graphic pen 3000 duo tip by Staedtler Mars in 55 (green). These are some of my favourite paint pens, because they pool.
  • Tombo ABt paint pen 491 (glass coloured blue); its duo tipped
  • Copic Markers in W5 (Warm Gray #5), E49 (Dark Brown), 110 (Special Black), E43 (Dull Ivory)
  • Touch Markers CG5 (Cool Gray)
  • Prismacolour 96 (Blondwood)
  • Letraset Tria Marker in 120T (Medium Yellow)
  • primary red, primary yellow markers in any brand listed (if you are on a budget, use a red pen and a highlighter here instead).
  • Gold and silver roller ball gel type pens
  • A dual tipped black Sharpie
  • Signo pigment ink pen in UM-153 White
  • white artist chalk (the powdery stick type)

A tip on markers…a good range of grays (warms and cools) and an architectural pack is a great way to start your collection. Purchase what you think you need and use in your designs…like red, yellow (fireplace flames), greens and browns for landscape and colours of wood furniture. Don’t go to crazy buying vibrant colours at first, as they are used sparingly.

Investment in initial materials? About $200 gets you a nice supply. Markers are about 5 bucks each.


La Boheme said...

This is so exciting Michelle! I did a little work with markers but nothing close to you! Your renderings are absolutely beatiful. Do you have more details when will this start?


I think you need to sell the kit for starters and make some profit - After all you are recommending products you believe in and you have use in the past. Just a thought :)

Michelle said...

Yes, LB, will post the first one at the end of the month.

Renae Moore said...

I am so excited for this Michelle! I need to go find a good art store in ATL! You have a God given gift for what you do...may He gave me a little!

Linda Merrill said...

You make it seem so easy! I'll be looking forward to following along. No time (or $) at present for the supplies, but I'll hope to pick something up by osmosis. You really are SO talented!

Marion said...

I'm looking forward to participating in the rendering lessons. I'm wondering what is the purpose of the glass?

Michelle said...

Hi Marion...the purpose of the glass is to light it from below with a lamp for tracing your drawing. Then, I light it from above for the's a nice smooth surface for the markers as well.I'm going to show the drawing set up in my first video.

Very Best,

Karena said...

Michelle, I love your renderings so much and cannot wait to see more of your wonderful designs.

Art by Karena

DesignTies said...

I agree with Ivan, Michelle... if you have the ability to offer marker-kits to people interested in taking your on-line courses, you should definitely do it!!

This looks like so much fun! I don't know if I'll fully participate, but I'll definitely drop in from time-to-time to see a little of what you're sharing. Although... I DO find that this post has me thinking about my next trip to DeSerres and searching out for the markers you've suggested!

I'm sorry to hear that you won't be able to join us at our Brunch - but a trip with your husband sounds much more fun!! We'll have to make plans for another time. :-)

Blayne Macauley said...

How beautiful! I am so glad Brooke sent me over here! How long do the drawings take you? You are so talented!

Michelle said...

Hi PLife,

thanks! they take about 4 hours, some less some more. Depends on the subject and details.

Thanks for stopping by!


Greet Lefèvre said...

Hi Michelle,
This is a good idea! Michelle, you are so talented! I came over from Brooke's blog where I saw your beatiful drawings of her home! SUPER!!

Hautezone said...

Love, love, love your work!!! Adding you to my bloglist for daily following.

Hautezone said...

Love, love, love your work! I discovered you through Velvet & Linens and will be adding you to my bloglist for frequent visits.

Keep it coming!

Brillante Interiors said...

Thank you Michelle for sharing your knowledge and I am sure it will be a great success. Can't wait to see the project start.