Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Power of Four

I’ve loved the four lounge chair configuration for quite some time. Offering perfect radial symmetry, considering your personal space, and allowing you to face the people you are spending time with, it’s an equal endeavour, without hierarchy. I also think it brings out the primal person in me, because I especially love the idea of a fireplace near or a fire pit in the center.

The cocktail table height is important, otherwise it would be a dining room scenario, but try a card height table for working on your laptop, afternoon tea and poker game evenings. You need some space for this floor plan, but it’s a great solution for all those formal rooms we don’t use anyway.

western living_augsept 08 matthew millman betsy bernham

August/September 2008 Western Interiors, Designer Betsy Burnham and Photographer Matthew Millman

designer agnes bourne photos roger davis

June/July 2007 Western Interiors, Designer Agnes Bourne and Photographer Roger Davis

patricia gray four chiars

Patricia Gray Interior Design,  Photo by Roger Brooks

waldo fernandez_photo by firooz zahedi

Elle Decor March 2009, Waldo Fernandez Interior, Photo by Firooz Zahedi

thomas bosworth architect_western livingfebmar09_

Western Interiors, Feb/March 09, Architect Thomas Bosworth, Photos by Matthew Millman

deisgner mark schomisch photos by Grey Crawford_met home sept 07

Met Home, Sept 07, Design by homeowner Mark Schomisch, Photos by Grey Crawford

hotel lobby2

I designed and rendered this commercial space using Eames Loungers, Flos floor lamps, a solid wood table and Modernica lighting.


Michelle Morelan Design


Hill Country House Girl said...

I love the four chair arrangement, and I especially LOVE that first image - the shades, the chairs, the rug, the coffee table.........all of it! Great post with lovely examples!

Karena said...

Michelle, very very nice, Love the images, especially your renderings!! Follow me as I have a giveaway coming right up!
Art by Karena

qerat said...

I really like grouping single chairs in 4's, but I find that clients in general tend to feel uneasy with the suggestion, they often comment that it feels like a lobby. But most like it when they see the grouping for real.

Unknown said...

any idea where i can find the rug in the first photo? was there a source listed in the magazine? thanks!

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

4 chairs and a tea height table is always my first choice when space allows. Especially for hotels and public spaces. It allows single individuals to feel comfortable in their own space, but it is also condusive to a converation among people who know each other. Much more practical than a sofa grouping...(for my work).

Renae Moore said...

I love it! So much more interesting than two sofas!

xxx said...

I love the modernica pendants idea... but then again I love everything you do. And of course the rendering is stunning, as usual. So inspirationnal Michelle, thank you so much!