Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bathing Under the Stars

outdoor campsite_MMID

I love the concept of being in the wilderness and bathing under the moon and stars, as I grew up in quite an isolated area. This is your own mini lux-campsite, with two buildings; one shed is for sleeping and lounging, and one for cooking and eating. There is an open fire pit just outside the kitchen shed, and an old claw foot bathtub situated on natural local stone “floor”. A composting toilet in it’s own shed and an old pedestal sink round out the space plan.

Cedar on the sheds and for decking is appropriate to site, and is long wearing; bright red Adirondack chairs provide contrast, and cascading decks mimick the boulders around the site. The sheds are positioned to catch the sunset over the stone outcrop. Old bog trees and the rock outcrop wrap gently around the camp like “walls”, making it feel protected and private. There are a variety of levels which provide an outlook, a pit and a cocooning space. The kitchen is central to all, and a sail protects you from direct summer sun, acting as a partial “roof”.

There is no plumbing to the bathtub, just allow the water to drain off the stone surface, and use a bucket to fill it with hot water (or have someone do it for you ;) …this is part of the charm, and the experience. I could spend a whole season here…just hiding out from the world. You’ll find me in the tub,reading a book .

And…it’s a cell phone free zone.

Design and Renderings, Michelle Morelan Design

**I’m off to the big city for a week, and will close my Art Giveaway when I return, so leave your lucky number until then  :)


Terry said...

Bathing outdoors yes, wilderness no (in my dreams anyway). Tbat's why I don't understand putting a "shower in a closet" if you know what I mean.

qerat said...

as beautiful as the render is and as beautiful as the whole idea is, the best thing is that it is phone free zone :)

Fifi Flowers said...

On a WARM night that might be nice!

pve design said...

I'll bring the bubbly just to spend one night!
I love the sound of nature, and bathing under the stars sounds golden to me.
lovely image.