Thursday, 3 July 2008

Life is Good

Just when I was thinking about how much I wanted to spend more time in Ucluelet, and how I can move back here in the future, two things happened. First, I got more work! The best news is that I am being brought into the project at the planning stage; every designers dream. The second thing is that I am staying at EagleRock by myself. It isn't very often, as a designer, you get to live in a house you design. Last night I had a spa bath, breathed in late misty air on the balcony before bed, and climbed into the most comfortable down quilt I have every slept under. Heaven really. The eagle sits on the stonehenge rock in front of the house in the morning and evening.

Let's face it, as women, we question the projects our men make for themselves to get out of doing other work, but Carl was right when he installed built in speakers with seperate room controls. The sound of the ocean was piped in because of the energy efficient windows. There are even speakers in the fireplace area downstairs. Just imagine the lighting on dimmers, white heated marble, a spa bath, bubbles, view of the ocean, Blue Rodeo and a warm fire. Hmmm.

So I have lived in a project I have helped design, and this in turn will make me a better designer.

The eagle just flew from his rock.

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