Monday, 21 July 2008

black rock

renderings from Black Rock's website

Architect Ron Lea of Vancouver's VIA Architecture, and Sharon Bortolotto of the interior design firm BBA Design have collaborated on Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet. The Westerly News (local paper) has posted pictures of the wave shapped bar, and I hope they plan on cladding it in mini mosaics. I love this place...ever since hearing about it, I knew it was going to be amazing. This is Ucluelet's first resort hotel. It sits above a surge pool and blowhole, which we used to go to as teenagers to watch.

After my night at the Wickinninish and it just winning the best spa in North America by Travel and Leisure; I am interested to see what level of hospitality Black Rock will bring to my sleepy home town.

Ucluth Lodge and Spa
rendering by Michelle Morelan, BID

What a dream project this would be for me...with hospitality design you can really push the envelope when it comes to concept; and this place is dripping of unique concept. Ucluelet has a past of fishing, logging, you are inspired by the forests and beaches, the weather conditions of fog and wind. I still haven't given up hope that I will develop the Ucluth Lodge and Spa...

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