Tuesday 5 August 2014

Small Modern...The Schematics

When I think about designing and living in my next home, I think of something on one level, maybe a studio walk out with basement storage under, on a gently sloping acreage. So, I have been starting to throw some ideas around...how the open living will function and feel during different scenarios; family gatherings and holidays, small dinner parties and also how it will feel when I am there by myself. 

Living in a smaller home means editing the things you have collected over the years. It never means starting from scratch.

It's not something you jump into quickly, and I am enjoying the schematics of it all ;)

 The Master Bedroom...Brent Comber Disk and Hudson Bay Blanket in a new setting. Heated concrete floors, white walls and millwork keep things modern and natural.

 The Front of the Home - will either be horizontal fir or cedar. I like black framed windows and doors. To save some money, I may use clerestory windows above 6' 8 doors. Will definitely consider good outdoor lighting. The plan calls for a flat green roof, but I am thinking a shed roof to get 10' clgs on the glass side.

I think the Dining Room area will feel more open with leggy chairs...I may reconsider my slipcovers this time in lieu of a more open feel. Not sure about bookshelves...may go with 6 equally spaced canvases. I have had a love affair with Propeller Lighting's Mylocgic Chandelier...it's walnut with tiny LED's recessed. Skylights are necessary. I may need lots of them, with the grey light and overhang on the walkway/glass door wall.


Susan@RoomsthatWork said...

Gorgeous renderings! It seems so perfect I half expect to be able to find it down some street. And I am heartened somehow that even after the cover of S@H you're imagining a new and different house. My husband's comment is, "Good grief, it's a disease!" So glad to know I'm not alone! I like the leggy dining chairs and linear light fixture. New technology demands new fixtures! At least that's my story! I look forward to more beautiful drawings from you!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

It must be so much fun having the ability to draw out plans for what you imagine having one day. I try to describe things to my hubs on paper and he just laughs ~ hence why I take pictures instead ;-) I am loving the rocks that look like they are part of the architecture... something you would see in West Vancouver.