Friday, 24 February 2012

Amsterdam or Bust…(Berlin? Barcelona? Bruges? Vienna? Paris?)


photo, Michelle Morelan

As I start to pack my adapters, itineraries and passport, do my laundry and get the house ready for the sitters, I remembered Brian talking me into biking from Schiphol to Amsterdam centrum a few years ago…my but was never more sore! It turned into one of the best days of my life…I hope to seek out more moments like this, as my itinerary and heart is open.

What moment in time was yours…and where?

PS…Where is your favourite European get-away?



Lisa Porter said...

Hey Michelle,
Glad I caught you before you take off! I just want to wish you all the best on this trip. I hope you will find old friends, new friends, laughter and joy. Wishing you safe travels and memories to last a lifetime.
I've never left the USA but I'm seriously thinking about it!
Will look forward to hearing about your journey.
xoxo Lisa

Renae Moore said...

I loved a trip I made to Brugges, Belgium, Lille, France and Delt, Holland! Have fun!

Rachel May said...

A bike ride anywhere in Europe sounds terribly appropriate for February!

Thoughts on Design said...

My current favs are Lake Como and the old town area of Verona. Today, I think I'd spend time in the Alsace region of France, Holland and Belgium.

Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure your sketchbook will be full!


Layers and Layers said...

Have a great time ... may it be what you have been dreaming about and more ;) we'll miss you!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Have a wonderful time Michelle! I can't tell a lie, I am actually heading to France in September so I too must prepare when the time comes closer for me. Travel safe!

Michelle said...

thanks you guys...good suggestions! Brian and I have decided on Barcelona as our destination out of Amsterdam and side trips to Belgium and France...the wine and food awaits!! lol...

Michelle said...

gonna make myself a double espresso to celebrate :)

John...thx...we must be on the same wave length...but alas, Italy will have to wait until next trip... I agree, from what I see of Como or Verona...they will be on the list :)

Ragan Corliss said...

Love the bike photo! I've always enjoyed sight seeing by bike... It's faster than walking, and you get to work off all the great food you eat while on vacation! Traveling through southern France has been one of my favorite areas!