Friday, 28 October 2011

A Client’s Joy


Excited for a client who’s inspections are around the corner, and can see the drywall at the end of the tunnel…lol. This project is a good lesson in upgrading without tearing the whole house down. Just by removing two walls in the breakfast/family/hall area and updating finishes, the flow and site lines are so improved!! Cant wait to see this one completed…they so deserve it. Time to get shopping ;)

lr to nook

5 comments: said...

Very nice Michelle. Love the hits of juicy green.

Layers and Layers said...

looks really great ... your gift is such a great selling tool.

Paula Grace Designs said...

Beautiful drawings and design. I love the palette.
Paula Grace ~
P.S. I must admit, I am a tad jealous of your magnificant rendering talent. I outsource it with computer renderer.

Kathy Sandler said...

This is so lovely!

Pebble Beach Design said...

Lovely is right! Your work is inspiring! We are a design studio on the West Coast and it is so great to see the level of professionalism in your rendering. Thanks for sharing your talent and passion for design.

Pebble Beach Design