Saturday 16 October 2010

Be Messy

pergola_MMDcroppedukee kitchen_MMID   r lesson cropped leah cropped

Cynthia writes and asks “How do you get your lines so straight and the rendering to look realistic?”

My answer is “be messy”. Remember when we learned how to type, way back? My Office Procedures 11 teacher had us type as fast as we could, not worrying about mistakes…that’s the same advice I would give to Cynthia…be loose and messy to start, go over each line quickly with purpose…go over that line until it excites you in it’s intent…it’s fun…and how you get better.

These are some looser 1hr renderings, each  from an existing space, where I added or changed almost everything…come out of plan and elevation world, where you get to see all the surfaces and how they work together.

Renderings and design by Michelle Morelan Design, 2009


Best, Michelle


Greet Lefèvre said...

Hi Michelle,
That is exactly the same question which I wanted to ask you!!! Thank you for the tip!!!!

pve design said...

Great advice to allow oneself to be messy - it is our mistakes or less than perfect lines that make us human! Love your neat messy work!!
Happy Sunday-


This is the kind of advice that I love to get :)

CREED said...

Great advice thank you - can't help it, I'm a messy sketcher even if i try not to be.