Friday, 25 April 2008

Trip to Ucluelet

Upper Deck off MBR

Outdoor Dining

Powder Room Custom Vanity

Staircase to Lower Floor

Master Bathroom

Dining Room

My residential project in Ucluelet is really coming along. Jamie, the builder is going to enter the house for a Georgie award. The relationships you make through your career are really important, since recently I have called on classmates for photography, and trades I have met for other projects.

Here are some pics of the house from my recent trip, and of the flower store in Ucluelet that I designed with the owner.

Flowers by Sandra- Ucluelet

Road to Kennedy Lake- Canopy of Birch Trees

Breakfast Television emailed me to confirm my segment on their show...I am a bit nervous...not that I don't know enough, or can't present, but that I am vulnerable in a way that I have never been before. Look for me the week of May 5th...coincidentally, my birthday.

My mom is having a dinner party and inviting all of my girlfriends. Should be lotsa fun. Debbie already asked me what colour jello I want later...I know what that means Deb! Another fun Ukee weekend!

The deck guy called when I was gone to start the deck...ironic...since he made a point to call and say it wouldn't be until the after the end of the month. If I did not give trades at my work a schedule of some kind, and keep them posted, they would not work for me, and I would be in I wonder how they can just show up to start work on the deck without any warning. The level of customer service is more than terrible...the fence looks good though...

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