Sunday, 10 May 2009

I Love You Mom


Mom, my sister Raylene and Miki (that’s me)  1974- Dad’s fishing in Alaska.

My first son was born in the evening; the next morning I awoke to see his little face through the clear bassinet in the hospital. I started to sob…I knew instantly the responsibility attached to that little face, that little body. I was to make him a man over the next 20 years… was I ready for this at 21? I cannot explain the fear, joy, responsibility and gratitude of that moment, which I will remember forever. I was alone with him, and it just seemed right…but there were two of me in the room…the young Michelle, with no worries, and the one with the new-found responsibility of raising a child. I was never to be the same.


My babies are now 19 and 21…where does the time go?

Happy Mother’s Day Mom; I know what you have given up for us…and I love you :)


DesignTies said...

Michelle... your post brought me to tears because I completely understand how you felt when you looked at your little baby. I felt the same way!! Also, it brought memories of my Mom who was (reluctantly - I should tell you the story some day!) with me in the delivery room when Matt was born. I love being a Mom... and there's no doubt that you do to!! The most rewarding roll in our lives, hey?!
Victoria@ DesignTies

Velvet and Linen said...

Yes, once we become mothers we are never the same again. I definitely appreciate my Mother so much more now that am one.
Hope you feel better soon, Michelle, and once again Happy Mother's Day!


Renae said...

So lovely....I had my first son the week after Mother's Day 24 years ago. I have loved being a mom more than anything in my life. There is nothing better.
Blessings to you...

qerat said...

Beautiful post Michelle
Happy mother's day to you and your mom