Monday, 18 January 2010

Wood Pile Shower


I found this image a few years back in one of Martha Stewart’s books. It’s always intrigued me…this idea of being outside for even the most personal of tasks. I love the simple bowl and sponge on the bench. Tres romantic!


Velvet and Linen said...

Fantastic idea, Michelle.
This one is going in the inspiration file.


Quilt Knit said...

If you think that is special. Please start looking up homes in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida-Key West. Their outdoor facilities are wild.

Terry said...

To me outdoor showers are the ultimate, usually only seen at the beach or lake house. To feel the sun on you while bathing, the greatest. There is a house in my Atlanta neighborhood with an outdoor shower adjoining the indoor bath. I think architects should design shower to give the feeling of being outside instead of putting them in a closet-like niche.

DesignTies said...

Love it Michelle!
Of course I'm terrifed of spiders... and spiders love to live in wood piles. So while I loving the IDEA of this shower, I'm finding myself a little squeemish, too!! ;-)
Victoria @ DesignTies

DesignTies said...
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I love the concept.

I never had a shower in a place like that, but I can see myself enjoying a shower on a summer night.

Living It At Home said...

Everyone should be so lucky to have that setup. Reminds me of camping. Really love it.