Thursday 5 August 2010

Six Object de Vie – Albarosa of Brillante

Albarosa has the most honest style of anyone I know…it’s part of her. When you go for dinner, you sit in vintage McGuire chairs, and are served mint tea from a Maiolica pitcher. You know the type? She doesn’t have to try hard to live a beautiful life. She is an accomplished photographer and designer; last year one of her clients purchased a large painting from me- one of my favourites. Albarosa can help you live a beautiful life too…she does design and art consulting, and has a gallery of her stunning photography on her website. Brillante is a great name for her blog…she is exceptional, bright and one of the best!

Visit her blog and leave a nice comment – believe me…you will love what you see!


*I’m working on the resolution problem…bear with me :)




Brillante Interiors said...

A Goddess? Moi? Really?
Michelle, it was so much fun to think about six objects of my daily life, what a great idea you had for your blog, always full of extraordinary articles, ideas, superb drawings,images, educational videos, we all are learning a lot from you every day. Thank you for having me on today's post.

Jamie Evrard said...

I'm lucky enough to live just down the block from Albarosa so we often get together. When I am in her eclectic and stunning home I feel as though I'm in downtown Milano. Her sense of style is so classy and unlike that of anyone else I know. Plus, she's great fun to be with.

Michelle said...

I agree Jamie...with everything...yes, the first time I walked into her place, my jaw dropped. It's so well thought.

Thanks for the visit...


Velvet and Linen said...

I agree Michelle! Albarosa has such a wonderful design sense (I'm not surprised that she would select one of your pieces for her client!).
Each of her six objects are beautiful and classic.



I just love Albarosa.

Elegance and Class all the way.

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Albarosa...what a great Stylista! I like how the objets have been broken down into different parts of the day.

Dovecote Decor said...

Yes, I am also an avid follower of Brillante Home Decor. If she invited me for tea, I would hop on an airplane! Your layout and design is beautiful, how do you do it?