Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fox Trot Chic Kitchen

I never thought I would tire of minimalism, but I am swinging back to the "more is nice too" look. I have seen so many white kitchens of late, I wonder what's next.

I was thinking about favourite colour outside the neutral A pair of antlers and Wolf range dictated the next direction, which is what I am calling "Fox Trot Chic". One where slow food movements and growing your own food weren't trendy, but necessary. A barn kitchen, with an open fire to warm you while you shell peas. I picture a vegetable and herb garden, maybe a few goats.

There had to be metal work, like artisans of old, so I used it in the table trim. Also, artisan pieces like the Wishbone chair which were handed down from generation to generation, like in the homes of England, France, Italy or Scandinavia.

You require today's luxuries as well; the wonderous Wolf Range, the cast enamel Creuset dutch oven, Ann Sacks tile, Dulit toaster and the luxury cutting board by Ariel Lasko.

Half built in, half free standing, this kitchen was meant to inspire the Jamie Oliver in all of us; tough enough to clean the occasional wild fowl or sockeye salmon. One in which your family and friends can enjoy for years without worrying about a dent here or there...the more lived in it looks, the better.

The apple pies are cooling on the window sill.



Sources: Toaster: Dulit, Linens: Madison and Muse, Dutch Oven: Creuset, Knife: Wusthorff, Board, Ariele Lasko, Art: 1st Dibs and, Linen for Blinds: Romo, Wall Tile: Ann Sacks, Paint: Benjamin Moore, Range Hood: GE, Wishbone Chair: Carl Hansen, Range: Wolf


Thoughts on Design said...

seaweedsI love where you thoughts are going with this. ANd how your sketches are an expression of your thoughts and feelings. Minimalism unto itself I think is fine. The issue I have grown to have with it is that it has evolved into ultra modern, hard edge ed and white. No Soul. Yet, I consider much of the work of Axel Vervoordt, for example, as being Minimal. Rich, full of life, texture, color and light.

Keep the train of thought going!


JASR said...

Love the color palette! =)

pve design said...

I could move right in and sit at that table shelling peas. Gorgeous work and I especially love how your work tells a story.

jvw home said...

absolutely LOVE this....we're considering a vacation home in Colorado...this is now going to be on my inspiration board for our kitchen direction....beautiful and always admire your gorgeous art work!

Michelle said...

glad I could inspire you JVW :) Sounds wonderful!

Thanks PVE and's fun to get this stuff out of your head on on paper!

John TYSM...I agree; there will always be a place in my design book for Piet Boon!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Yes! I love these colours and choices ........ Those pictures are so fabulous and traditional for sure. I especially love the Wire Hair Pointer in the admiral's uniform ...... kind of looks like Frankie. Have a great weekend Michelle!