Sunday, 8 May 2011

Canopy Beds

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There is something oh so romantic about canopy beds…multi- layered or simple and flowing, there are so many options.

valentines day 2011

canopy bed desaturated 

Best, Michelle


pve design said...

As a young girl, I admired a playmates canopy bed and have always dreamt of one! Your images make me want one all the more!

Linda from a design snack said...

You are so right! There's nothing quite like a canopy bed. I have one in my guest room (its really more a corona )and everyone seems to enjoy it.

Bria said...

Love these!! They really are so romantic - especially with the pink (my favorite).

Renae Moore said...

Your drawings are fave though is the the colours!
I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

It's funny, when I was small I had a canopy bed. I think it must have been "in" for the 70's. I used to throw all of my stuffed animals up on top.


Love canopy beds - They always look so regal.

As always Michelle beautiful sketches.

Karena said...

Very nice Michelle!! Adore canopy beds!!

Art by Karena

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Lisa said...

Always wanted one....the pink will be perfect! Thank you Michelle! You've made my dreams come true.
xo Lisa

design elements said...

love conopy beds and love seeing your drawings, Michelle.

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Love them all especially the pink one! Hope you're doing well. I've been crazy busy but having fun.

Verdigris Vie said...

Oh indeed. What girl didn't dream of a canopy bed, enveloped in all that dreamy fabric. Of course my choice of fabric was pink back then.. but nonetheless, delightful.

Hope you are well, Michelle.

canopy beds said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful pics.. love your blog and bookmark so please update and add some more pics...Thanks again.

The Fine Life said...

I shared your work in this post from February, and you've been on my blogroll ever since! I haven't made it back here as often as I should, but I am continually amazed by the beauty of your renderings. This visit has inspired me to get the lead out and get back to the art. Thank you for sharing! xo, A Lapsed Renderer

VICTORIA said...

I Adore Your drawings and Loving the Canopy beds!!!they always looks regal and Gorgeous for me!Amazing Blogs :-)