Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

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Can you see why my sister and I have an identity problem? lol

mom and ray 2

Mom and Raylene, 1972

I work with beautiful things, and create beautiful lives for people, but I find none of those material things matter if you don’t have the love of your family…your children, your parents. Friends come and go, but your family is forever.

I think often of the story my mom told of waving goodbye at the train station to our grandparents in Sydney NS…the sadness she felt watching them cry as the train left the station for Vancouver, and eventually to the west coast of Vancouver Island, where I grew up. Heartbreaking.

Mothers are the steadfast rocks of our families…they give up and sacrifice, without asking for anything in return but your love. What other than love can sustain us in this lifetime role?

As my kids get ready to move out, start their own lives and families one day, I look to my mom with much regard and thanks (and with a tear in my eye). I love you, and can’t think of any better life, than the one you have given us. Thanks for teaching me how to be a mom.

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Love, Michelle


Terry said...

Happy Mother's Day up and down your family's generations.

qerat said...

Happy Mother's day Michelle
Great pictures and a wonderful post.
Mothers are the centre of the family and if they do a good job raising their families they have achieved greatness for generations.

Renae said...

So sweet Michelle. I hope YOUR mom's day was a good one!

DesignTies said...

Thank you for this Michelle. I lost my Mom about 6 years ago... while I think about her all the time, reading your words helps to bring me to a place where I feel a bit closer to her. And that's a good thing!!