Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My New Love…Usona Beds

willis bed by usona


flores usona


lorena usona


thurman bed usona


quito headboard usona


you me and iola by usona

You Me and Iola

sato bed usona


I haven’t checked Usona’s website for a long time; look what I have been missing!

These beds are the star of the show in any bedroom. Throw in some Italian and Belgian linens, and…well…you have my idea of heaven. All of their pieces are this amazing…check them out…and get ready to say goodbye to 45 minutes of your time…sorry :)


DesignTies said...

I love beds that are upholstered all the way around. No sharp corners to bang my knees and shins into in the dark!!

All these beds are beautiful. I especially like the diamond tufting on Thurman, and the way the headboard makes you feel like it's wrapping around you. The height of the headboard is great too.

I designed our upholstered bed and hubby built it. It's not as elegant as these beds, but it came out pretty good for a first-time bed designer and builder :-)


Anonymous said...

ooh la-la! Why wake up when you have beds like that?! They're straight out of a story-tale.

Meade Design Group - Iván Meade said...

... Sweet dreams are made of this ...

Brillante Home Decor said...

What a beautiful selection of elegant and comfortable beds. I will choose Lorena, it looks so relaxing and cosy, great to read in bed also!

qerat said...

Beautiful beds
Sato is my favorite